Lavender sachets keep moths away from your expensive clothing

Mild winter brings a record plague of moths.

Their wholly unbearable activities make our clothes holey and unwearable.

Pest controllers warn that moths and their larvae are wreaking havoc in our wardrobes in record numbers - thanks to a mild winter and early start to spring.

Call-outs to exterminators over the garment-munching bugs more than doubled in the UK between February and March – up by 103 per cent on the same period last year.

Cases of clothes moth infestation have also risen by a third in the year up to the end of March.

Rentokil Pest Control, which released the figures, said warmer weather was to blame.

David Cross, head of the pest experts’ technical training academy, said: ‘The indoor population of clothes moths has been bolstered by the early onset of spring that we are currently experiencing, and the unusually mild winter that we have just had.

‘Outdoor numbers of clothes moths are also doing well, nesting in animal and birds’ nests before moving into our homes to settle.

‘While we’ve enjoyed the sun this April, these recent figures suggest it’s more likely consumers will experience a moth infestation this month, and throughout the year.’

The moths’ caterpillar larvae feed on protein found in natural materials such as wool, silk, and fur. Rough edged holes in clothing or bare patches appearing on carpets and rugs are a sure sign of the insects at work.

Higher temperatures are known to accelerate the moths’ reproductive cycles, making wardrobe invasions more likely.

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Source Daily Mail