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Lavender oil. Chateau de la Gabelle multi award winning oil from Provence

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Award winning Lavender oil from
Chateau de gabelle - Awarded Bronze medal in the French National Lavender oil awards ranking it among the finest lavender oils in Provence.
Bronze award winner in the National French Lavender oil competition 2016
Only 10o bottles of this superb oil are produced each year
very rare and superb quality

Lavandin Abrialis

lavandula hybrida

General Description
Lavandin Abrialis oil is one of the ten largest natural perfume oils. It is derived from a hybrid plant combining the properties of Aspic and true Lavender making the oil more penetrating and reduces redness more than true Lavender oil . The plant is found naturally in the mountainous regions of southern France


  • Inhale a few drops on a handkerchief to help clear a stuffy nose, dispel sleepiness or aid concentration.
  • Massage (with a base oil) into aching, tired muscles.
  • Add to washing powder to scent clothes or bed linen and to help repel moths.
  • Deter flies by painting around the edge of window glass.
  • Rub into wrists and ankles as a mosquito repellent.
  • Use on pets’ bedding or in grooming routines to deter mites and fleas.
  • Add to candles at summer barbecues.
  • Use to revitalise potpourri or room scents.
  • The best choice for ‘lavender’ bags for scenting linen.

How It's Made
The oil is steam distilled from the flowering tops of the Lavandin Abrialis plant. This plant produces a higher oil yield than either true Lavender or Aspic.


Aroma: Fresh, nutty scent.


10 mls  bottles

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